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Health and Mindset Workshops


Workshops for

Corporate & Larger Groups

Are you a member of a group, club, association or company interested in a single workshop or subscribing to a regular monthly mini-workshop for your members/ staff/employees? 

Please contact us to organise an obligation free presentation.

Workshops are available 7 days on request and are conducted via zoom link.

Duration of workshops will vary depending on application and requirements.

Just click below to contact us for any of the above.

Contact Us

  • Coming Soon - Monthly Mini Subscriber Workshops 
  • Online Self-paced Courses 

for Individuals & Smaller Groups

For individuals interested in our workshops,

  • one-on-one coaching/in person               or via Skype or Zoom
  • small groups of 5- 25 people                   (private or business clients)                   via Skype or Zoom                                          
  • SIMPLY MEDITATE                         -Free Online Meditation Course
         ~COMING SOON~
  • GUIDED MEDITATION                    with music & audio   
  • REWIRE FOR HEALTH                          a self-paced online course  

  • MONTHLY SUBSCRIBER                      mini-workshops

           Monthly Subscriber           Mini-Workshops

Small snippets of our mindset strategies to allow you to work through them one step at a time without getting overwhelmed.

These are a subscription based Workshop paid by the month that are sent to your email directly and you get to choose if you want to receive them weekly or bi-monthly. 

       Self-paced Online Courses

Our Online Courses are self paced and conducted online. You can navigate yourself through the course but we are there whenever you need us to assist you every step of the way as you progress.

email or call us for more information on how we can help.

Contact Us

A Healthy & Supportive

When you choose ViITALishUS, we join with you and your community or organisation.

We'll work not just with you personally, but with other members as a whole, to build a network of people striving together for a healthier, happier lifestyle, or work environment.

No matter what your current health needs may be, we will work together to introduce you to the strategies you need, providing support and keeping you on the path to building a happier, healthier you.

Contact Us

Not sure yet, if we're a good fit for your organization? Sign up for a FREE SPEAKER EVENT to find out!

If you're still not sure if our workshops are right for your members, VITALishUS offers a totally FREE SPEAKER EVENT for you to try out and your members get to learn more of what's on offer! This involves a 20 minute Workshop plus Q&A at your venue or somewhere mutually agreed, TOTALLY FREE! Simply click here and enter your requirements for more information! 

(free speaker events are applicable to Corporate Business only)