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Health and Mindset Workshops

About Us

Using years of training and coaching experience, AllyK focuses on topic specific workshops, 

soon to be available via various online platforms such as; 

  • Live zoom workshops and mini subscriber workshops to be held monthly. 
  • Online courses conducted online and self paced with ongoing support.
  • Scheduled zoom workshops for corporate staff training, specific to your business. 

these Workshops provide practical and immediately applicable health & mindset mentoring strategies for anyone who wants to improve their choices for a happier and healthier lifestyle. No matter what your current state of health or circumstance, AllyK will show you simple steps - steps anyone can apply - towards achieving improved health and happiness for the long term.

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At our age the devil doesn't give you
much time off!  

‚Äč ~ Albert Einstein

VITALishUS founder, AllyK, has undergone transformational changes in her life which facilitated the beginnings of this program. she has spent a lifetime studying her passion for health, seeking out, testing and applying the strategies of how to promote happiness and a healthier lifestyle.

For almost 40 years, involved in the coaching, training and nursing of all ages within the medical, health & fitness arenas in Australia. Over time, AllyK has discovered through observation and trial and error with her own clients, herself and others, that there is an area that has been left unaddressed. A huge contributing factor to the unnecessary decline in health and acceleration in aging, particularly in those over 50 years of age. Her main focus now, is to show those of any age, who want to improve their health, how easy it can be, without depriving yourself, or spending a fortune. By providing simple applicable health and mindset strategies to promote improved health and happiness for the long term.

AllyK says, " It's all very well for people to say "Think Positive" - and how often do we here that nowadays? But the path to having an effective mindset goes way beyond that. It's all in how you apply it. There are ways that work and ways that take you in the opposite direction unless you know how to apply it so that it will work for you specifically.

Most people don't know how, that's why yo-yo dieting is a thing! The ones who always seem to have great health? They're the ones who've figured it out, whether they are aware of it or not! It all comes down to the "how it's applied" and it's so simple it sucks! It makes absolutely no difference what may be going on in your life right now, you can make a significant change to your health and overall happiness immediately - and it won't cost an arm and a leg, and I'll show you how you can maintain that for the rest of your life!

My personal mantra is happy healthy happy healthy happy healthy dead. I think we all should be able to live that way and I aim to help as many as I can do just that."